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We Are “The Mother” May 16, 2007

Posted by dirga primawan in renungan.

We Are “The Mother”


I want to write about one aspect of our reality that makes sense of how it is difficult to be a mother these days. From the newspaper, we often read about abortion. They are the phenomena that bring us to see the reality of our society. Abortion is a kind of crime. Those who do or take a part in abortion are those who don’t expect the coming of the baby. They are not ready to take a responsible role to be a mother but they must face reality.

Many reasons they give are about the financial side and about the honor of the family. Usually the persons who do it face pressure from society so that they can not bear it. When the first time they knew that they had become pregnant, they became afraid. They were frightened that they will get a bad stigma from the society. Making a negative judgement by ex-communication or giving bad stigma to them is not the way to solve the problem. They are also part of this society. What we should do is to give a new opportunity for the women who get pregnant out of wedlock to make a better life because it is not easy to bear it and it will be a very terrible thing if we make a situation that indirectly pushes them to do abortion because of our negative judgement. Abortion comes from the inability to make a responsible attitude.

To be a mother is to be a person who give oneself to the birth of a new person in this world. A mother is a special gift for the baby. How come an innocent baby doesn’t have the opportunity to live in this world? The baby is also a human. The baby has rights to live in this world. Nevertheless, what kind of a world should we give to the baby? If we ever hear the song “When The Children Cry” written by White Lion, our hearts will be touched. What the baby needs is a peaceful world, but we often create a world of conflicts. The baby will suffer as  a consequence of what we have done. Because of that,   to be a mother doesn’t only belong to the women just because they have breasts. All of us are invited to be a mother because motherhood is a special role that opens a beautiful encounter for the newly born human.

                      By Dirgaprimawan   




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